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Tommy Keene - Landscape
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Tommy Keene - ‘Landscape’ 

from the self-released 1982 album ‘Strange Alliance’

The Replacements - ‘Alex Chilton’ 

Live on Jimmy Fallon yesterday

Caught the first Educating the East End. Hoping Tom Grant features more heavily in later episodes!

Butthole Surfers - ‘The Shah Sleeps in Lee Harvey’s Grave’ (live)

karaoke classic, everyone sing along now, a 1-2-3-4….

Joni Mitchell - ‘Night Ride Home’

After amazing 70s Joni Mitchell, and what seemed like not so great 80s Joni Mitchell I got this record from 1991 today. Smooth sounds abound! Sounds like it might be a cool one though

Robin Williams as Elmer Fudd singing Bruce Springsteen :)

Thanks to Charlie for showing me


The Shalfonts : “Mother´s Boys” live!

Burning Alms - ‘Matadors’

Really cool record from Burning  Alms came out this week. Get it here http://www.independentmusic.com/releases/burning-alms-in-sequence 

Cure For Pain The Mark Sandman Story


The new album from The Shalfonts is released on Giant Manilow Records today! Check it out over at bandcamp and maybe buy a snazzy cd copy which includes artwork, collages and lyric sheets designed by Lloyd Bowen (rroydbowen.tumblr.com) 

Four years in the making. Download/stream/buy a copy today! if you like :)